Last Updated: February 09, 2016

Tips & Tricks android developer should know - part 1

Description: In this post I'm gonna demonstrate and show you some tips and tricks which really gonna help to solve some common problems while app development & help increase the speed as well.

So lets get started :-)

1. How to run app on phone without USB cord.(need USB initially to make connection)

Step 1: Connect the device with cord into your system. Ensure that USB debugging is enabled from Developer options. Open cmd(windows) or Terminal(linux) run the command. You'll find the connected device.
adb kill-server && adb devices
Step 2: Run the next command to restart in tcp mode on port 5555
adb tcpip 5555
Step 3: Now disconnect your device from system and note down your ip address of the phone from Setting > About Phone > Status. It could be something like address) Now the run the final command by replacing with your ip address
adb connect
Bingo we're done now your devices is connected and you can run it wirelessly :-)

2. How to find SHA1 key from android studio?

SHA1 key is needed in many different app containing maps or social sites authentication or using any google apis and services.Its super usefull. So the simplest way to get that is using android studio.

Step 1: Select the Gradle projects from the right pane and expand Tasks > android > signingReport. (fig.1).

Note: If you do not find your project in Gradle projects sync the project from android studio.

Gradle Project
Thats it you'll see the SHA1 for our project all the listed at once. Really awesome.

3. Best way to create icons for android app using vector asset.

Many a times in our development we need icons for small things with varied color or shape. Using Vector Asset in android studio we can create our icons with super ease.

Step 1: Right click on app > New > Vector Asset you'll see fig.3. You can choose Material Icons which contains whole lot of icons in different categories.This will create <vector> for the icon  you have selected. (fig.4) in drawable folder

Vector Asset
Vector Asset for the icon
Vector xml

Step 2: Awesome now just we can simply set to background or src of ImageView and other widgets.

Do checkout how to restore deleted app icons on JoyOfAndroid

Thus just applying some simple tricks and tips really make a difference in the speed of development.

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