Last Updated: January 12, 2016

How to schedule script in windows Vista 7,8 or 10 ?

Description: In this post I'm gonna show how we can schedule a script using windows task scheduler for Windows vista, 7 ,8 or 10 ?

So lets get started:

Step 1: Create a file with .vbs extension with below line of code in it.

window = msgbox("Code2Concept demo for script scheduling", 39, "Info")

This is to display our message box when our trigger get fired as per our schedule

Step 2: Open Task Scheduler (fig.1) by searching in windows search or from control panel

Step 3: Create new Task (fig.2)with name and description.


Step 4: Lets browse and add our script created in Step 1:  from Action tab. Also add Triggers as time to schedule the script to run. (fig.3 & fig.4 respectively).




Bingo !!! We are done. You can now view your dialog at specific schedule interval